Platinum Level Pro
A player from Russia who plays mainly on Magic Online. He was champion of the 2012 Magic Online Championship and in the following year, he top 4s the 2013 Magic Online Championship.
In 2018, he becomes champion of the 2017 Magic Online Championship for the second time, making him one of the strongest players in Magic Online. Also, with his win at the Magic Online Championship, he achieved his prize to become a Platinum Level Pro. Having these tremendous results, in March 2018, he joins the Hareruya Pros.
He has top 8ed twice at Grand Prix Valencia 2013 and Grand Prix Moscow 2014 with great skill in constructed and limited, and with high level game play followed by great deck choices.

Season result

Winnings:$40000 ,
Pro points:0
2017-2018 Season result
Date Event Format Final Standing Prize Pro points
Event Date Format Final Standing Prize Pro points
2018-03-02 2017 Magic Online Championship 2018-03-02 Multiple Format Champion $40,000 -

Past Season Result