hareruya hopes


He is a young player who started playing magic in “Battle for Zendikar” and works mainly in the Tokyo Kanto area. He made it through the Regional Pro Tour Qualifiers and made it to the Pro Tour Dominaria, which he had been working towards. After that, he continued to energetically enter the competitive scene, finishing runner-up at The Finals 2019, and the following year he was runner-up at the big stage of the Players Tour Online 3. He is one of the hottest young players in the game right now.
The 2020 Partial Season result
Date Event Format Final Standing Prize
Event Date Format Final Standing Prize
2020-06-20 PT Online 3 2020-06-20 Standard Finalist $7,000
Event Date Format Final Standing Prize
2020-01-31 PT Nagoya 2020-01-31 Pioneer 130th -
Season Winnings

Past Season Result